State Forestry Institution

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Tel.: +375 (1646) 2-67-32
Director: Krupenich Aleksey : +375 (1646) 2-67-10


The structure consists of 10 forestry: Borkowski, Gantsevichi, Deniskovichskoe, Elovskaya, Krugovichskoe, Lyusinskoe, Malkovichskoe, Razdyalovichskoe, Hotynichskoe and Chudinskoe. The establishment is located in the picturesque countryside on the border of Polesie Brest and Minsk oblasts of Belarus (in the north-eastern part of the Brest region) within the administrative area Hantsavichy total area of 106,557 ha., Of which 91 866 are wooded hectares. This is one of the most wooded forest enterprises of Belarus as a percentage of - 62%. The conclusion is that a concern for the preservation, safeguarding and enhancement of forest resources of the district, belongs entirely to foresters. And they are working on today in the establishment of 440 employees, 56 of them women. The territory belongs to the southern forestry warm humid agro-climatic instability region. The territory of the southern boundary of forestry solid spruce, and in most of the location of the spruce is an island character. In general, climatic and growing conditions of the area of forestry favorable growing trees such as pine, birch, black alder, spruce, oak, aspen, hornbeam, ash, maple (in decreasing order of floor space).